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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You call yourself a companion. Isn't it just phone sex?
A: If you are a connoisseur of phone sex, you know the difference. I am that relationship you can count on, a voice you know. I am your confidant. I offer no complications to your life and complete anonymity.

Q: Why such screening for the phone?
A: As you will learn, with me this isn't just phone sex. My desire is for both of us to enjoy our time together. I want all aspects of our conversations to stimulate you and not just sexually. I want you to feel our connection. This level of phone play is not for everyone. It is not worth my time or your money if we are not getting what we both thought.

Boundaries…We should be tolerant of all things, except intolerance.
I want to make our time in this venue as real to you as I can. I want you to feel respected, comfortable, relaxed and cared for. Communication is the key to our success. You and I will determine our boundaries.

How do we connect?
Our first contact will be by email. Lets both make sure we are on the same page. In the future you will call me or email me to arrange a time to talk. Sometimes a spontaneous moment will work out. I love when that is able to happen. Sometimes as you know your schedule and availability we can arrange a time to talk. I also love the anticipation of knowing when we will share time together.

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